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Your Kitchen REBUILT
Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Your Kitchen REBUILT

If you had a recovering alcoholic in the house, would you leave beer lying around? (Man, I hope not!) Your home needs to be a shelter, a safe haven. If you want to create a new lifestyle, then take the first step of action – clean the house of “poison” and create a place of simplicity.


Step 1: Say Goodbye to Temptations

Get rid of all temptations and replace them with better, healthier food choices. If you fail to absolutely follow this step you will absolutely fail! You will have enough challenges all day long – driving down the road, at work, parties, etc. Make at least one place stress free. Chips, cookies, soda, juice, etc. GONE!

Step 2: Change Your Hardware

Measuring Tools: Get a scale to weigh your food. Weigh food to be in the ballpark – if your meal plan calls for a meal that says 6oz it can be 6.2 or 5.7. Good ones can be found at Walmart or Target. Don’t forget to purchase measuring cups and spoons, too.

Cookware: Try to avoid aluminum pan interiors and Teflon-coated pans as they may release undesirable minerals/chemicals into your food. Stainless steel and some non-stick spray will do the job! Be sure to get some silicon spatulas and spoons so you don’t ruin your pans.

George Foreman Grill: If you are looking for quick, simple, small, and effective, this grill can cut your cooking time down by hours over the course of a week! (Yes, it’s probably Teflon-coated, but the pros in this case outweigh the cons. Just use sparingly.)

Rice Cooker: Great way to cook while you are gone and prepare for the coming day/week.

Food Processor & Blender: Helps make delicious and nutritious smoothies, shakes, dips, and more!

Step 3: Go Shopping

Make a list and stick to it! Attempt to hit up a farmers’ market whenever you can. They have inexpensive and healthy food! Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and the oatmeal aisle. That’s it.

Step 4: Get Ready to Supplement

Create an area for your supplements. It should be full of protein power, creatine, fish oil, ZMA, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and a greens supplement (such as Greens Plus).

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