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Hydration part 2
Monday, October 24th, 2011

What Should We Drink?

We tend to equate the feeling of being very full after a large meal with feeling fat.  If your drink has any calorie number associated with it other than 0 (excluding protein shakes) – DON’T DRINK IT! Following this rule will help you lose fat faster.

Green Tea. There is an old Chinese saying: Better to go without food for a week than without green tea for a day! Green tea offers a host of benefits including cancer prevention, fat loss, improved blood sugar and better blood circulation.

Water. Drink about 8 full cups of water a day if you are not exercising and probably double that if you are!

Coffee. Limit your coffee. Just because it’s ok to drink coffee, doesn’t mean you can have unlimited amounts. Use no creamer or very little, and no sugar or very little.

FYI – Caffeine works on the pancreas and puts pressure on it. This is because caffeine affects the adrenal glands, which, in turn, leads to blood sugar being released. The pancreas needs to produce additional insulin to get rid of this increased blood sugar. Once this extra insulin has been absorbed, the 'kick' that you get out of caffeine ends. Those who drink too much coffee often end up with an over-sensitive pancreas that produces excessive insulin. The pancreas starts absorbing the additional insulin as well as the normal amount of insulin. This leads to a craving for more caffeine.

Drinks To Avoid

Avoid these beverages like the plague – juices of any type (conventional, store bought, processed), sodas, sweet tea, energy drinks, alcohol and even coffee with cream and sugar.

Fruit juices (processed), while sounding good, typically have little if any nutritional value and they are NO substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables! If you had a glass of orange juice every morning with breakfast, it would be an additional 3300 kcal a month or basically a POUND OF FAT!

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