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Advanced Body Solutions is Charlotte North Carolina's premiere Personal Training company. Advanced Body Solutions specializes in weight loss, fat loss, toning and losing those last couple pounds. If you are interested in taking us for a test drive, make sure to sign up for your Complimentary Body Diagnostic, Body Fat Test, Health Analysis Report and 30 minute workout! We provide 1 on 1 Personal Training, Group Training and Nutritional Support. We take all the guessing out of your results.

1 on 1 training

1 On 1 Training


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We are not drill sergeants and we get what you and your body needs! Advanced Body Solutions 1-on-1 personal training will make you feel like it's just you and your trainer! You'll receive personal 1-on-1 support, personal motivation and the results you're looking for! If you put in the work, we guarantee the results!

Group Training

Group Training

This is not "Curves"... this is not group aerobics! This is Advanced Body Solutions semi-private training! The comeraderie and energy of the group, and variety of eight fun workouts will keep you coming back for more! You'll receive savings over the personal 1-on-1 training option, you'll get group support and you're accountable to not only yourself and your trainer, but also to your group! This accountability will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time!

nutrition and meal planning


At Advanced Body Solutions, we know that exercise is only a part of total body wellness. We can help you stay active and eating well, so you see results faster.

Our Nutrition Program
• 1 on 1 counseling
• Doctor Approved
• Registered Dietician Approved
• Learn how to read Food Labels
• Learn Top about Top Diet Myths and Top Diet Tricks!
• No more guessing
• No more frustration
• No more Plateaus

You can now deduct our weight loss program (personal training and/or nutritional programming) as a medical expense. This means our Weight Loss Program is Tax-Deductible. All you need is a prescription from your primary care physician stating a weight loss program is a treatment for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician (such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease). Please talk with your tax advisor to see how this will affect you.

critical components to fat loss
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