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At Advanced Body Solutions, we know that exercise is only a part of total body wellness. We can help you stay active and eating well, so you see results faster.

Our Nutrition Program
• 1 on 1 counseling
• Doctor Approved
• Registered Dietician Approved
• Learn how to read Food Labels
• Learn Top about Top Diet Myths and Top Diet Tricks!
• No more guessing
• No more frustration
• No more Plateaus

You can now deduct our weight loss program (personal training and/or nutritional programming) as a medical expense. This means our Weight Loss Program is Tax-Deductible. All you need is a prescription from your primary care physician stating a weight loss program is a treatment for a specific disease diagnosed by a physician (such as obesity, hypertension, or heart disease). Please talk with your tax advisor to see how this will affect you.

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